Calendar for a Scottish Literary Year: 1. January to March


Epigram on My Wedding Day

To Penelope

This day, of all our days, has done
The worst for me and you: —
‘Tis just six years since we were one
And five since we were two.

January 2, 1821

George Gordon, Lord Byron

1|1|1854  (Sir) James George Frazer (1854-1901), Scottish anthropologist whose great work was The Golden Bough, is born, Glasgow. Ref: 2.0101.01(TH)
1|1|1885  Andrew Findlater (1810-85), first editor of Chambers Encyclopaedia dies. Ref: 2.0101.02(LS)
1|1|1928  Iain Crichton Smith, poet and novelist, is born, Glasgow. He will be brought up at Bayble on the island of Lewis, and write poetry in both in Gaelic (as Iain Mac a’Ghobhainn), and in English. His novels will include Consider the Lilies (1968). Ref: 2.0101.03(LS)

2|1|1803 The eccentric and extravagant James MacNayr, author of the first Guide from Glasgow to some of the most Remarkable Scenes in the Highlands of Scotland (1797), ceased to be Editor of the Glasgow Herald after only two months. Ref: 2.0102.01(LS)
2|1|1853 William Collins (1789-1853), publisher, dies Ref: 2.0102.02(LS)

3|1|1959 Edwin Muir (1887-1959), poet, translator and adult educator, dies. Ref: 2.0103.01(LS)

4|1|1755 Edward Burt, author of Letters from the Highlands, dies Ref: 2.0104.01(LS)
4|1|1945 Robin Bell, the poet and translator bred in Strathearn, is born, Dundee. Ref: 2.0104.02(LS)

5|1|1540 First performance at Linlithgow of Ane Pleasant Satyre of the Three Estaitis Ref: 2.0105.01(LS)
5|1|1793 John Howie (1735-1793), the unlettered Renfrewshire author of The Scots Worthies (who claimed direct descent from an Albigensian refugee) dies. Ref: 2.0105.02(LS)
5|1|1821 Lord Byron writes in his diary of Sir Walter Scott: “wonderful man! I long to get drunk with him.” Ref: 2.0105.03(TH)
5|1|1994 David Angus (1925-94), writer and founder-member of the Scots Language Society, dies. Ref: 2.0105.04(LS)

6|1|1882 Sir Alexander Gray (1882-1968), poet, is born Ref: 2.0106.01(LS)
6|1|1940 John Byrne, playwright, is born Ref: 2.0106.02(LS)
6|1|1981 A. J. Cronin, popular novelist, dies, Switzerland Ref: 2.0106.03(LS)

7|1|1758 Allan Ramsay (1684-1758), poet, dies. Ref: 2.0101.01(LS)
7|1|1793 James ‘Balloon’ Tytler (1747-1805), miscellaneous writer and early British aeronaut, is outlawed for publishing a pamphlet attacking the government of the day. Ref: 2.0101.02(LS)
7|1|1936 Hunter Davies, author of A Walk Along The Wall and many other books, is born Greenock. Ref: 2.0101.03(LS)

8|1|1845 Sir Herbert Maxwell (1845-1937), distinguished literary topographer, is born in Galloway Ref: 2.0108.01(LS)
8|1|1845 Harold Monro (1879-1932) opens the doors of the Poetry Bookshop in London, through which pass Ezra Pound and Robert Frost, meeting for the first time. Ref: 2.0108.02(TH)

9|1|1873   James Hannay (1827-73), a Dumfries-born man-of-letters, dies. Ref: 2.0109.01(LS)
9|1|1886   James Fergusson (1808-86), Ayr-born architectural historian, dies. Ref: 2.0109.02(LS)
9|1|2000  Nigel Tranter (1909-2000), author and historian, dies

10|1|1754 Charles Findlater (1754-1838), agricultural writer and essayist, is born in the manse of West Linton, Peeblesshire Ref: 2.0110.01(LS)
10|1|1885 Robert Louis Stevenson (1850-994) writes to the Atheneum from Bournemouth upbraiding the French Academy for honouring a French critic’s History of English Literature, pointing out inaccuracies with regard to James 1’s Kingis Quair. Ref: 2.0110.02(LS)
10|1|1941 Sir John Lavery (1856-1941), painter, whose witty self-portrait was A Painter’s Life, dies. Ref: 2.0110.03(LS)

11|1|1933 Duncan Glen, poet, is born Cambuslang, Lanarkshire. In addition to his own work he will collect and publish the work of his contemporaries. Ref: 2.0111.01(LS)

12|1|1889 Monument to Joanna Baillie (1762-1851), dramatist, unveiled, Bothwell, Lanarkshire. Ref: 2.0112.01(LS)
12|1|1932 George Mann Macbeth (1932-92), poet, is born, Shotts, Lanarkshire Ref: 2.0112.02(LS)

13|1|1563 Mark Alexander Boyd (1563-1601), lyric-poet, is born Penkill, Ayrshire. Ref: 2.0113.01(LS)
13|1|1893 Sheriff Alexander Nicolson (1827-93), Gaelic scholar, poet and wit, dies. An enthusiastic mountaineer, the highest peak in the Cuillins is named after him. Ref: 2.0113.02(LS)

14|1|1835 Henry MacKenzie (1745-1831), the novelist known as the ‘Man of Feeling’, dies. He has been the pillar of the ‘Scottish Enlightenment” Ref: 2.0114.01(LS)
14|1|1925 David MacRitchie, accountant, historian and folklorist, dies, Edinburgh Ref: 2.0114.02(LS)

15|1|1752 Tobias Smollett anonymously publishes Habakkuk Hibling, his pamphlet charging Henry Fielding with plagiarism. Ref: 2.0115.01(TH)
15|1|1886 Helen B. Cruikshank (1886-1975), poet and pivotal figure during the ‘Scottish Renaissance’, is born, Angus Ref: 2.0115.02(LS)
15|1|1973 Neil Millar Gunn (1891-1973), novelist, dies. The son of a fisherman his novels, including Highland River (1937) and The Silver Darlings (1941), have strikingly evoked the county of Caithness.| 2.0115.03(LS)
15|1|1775 Sydney Goodsir Smith (1915-75), poet, dies in Edinburgh. He had taught himself Middle Scots and wrote very successful poetry in the vernacular during the ‘Modern Scottish Renaissance’. Ref: 2.0115.04(LS)

16|1|1741 Hesther Thrale (Mrs Piozzi) to whom Samuel Johnson wrote much about Scotland, is born. She will later travel to Scotland, following Johnson’s visit. Ref: 2.0116.01(LS)
16|1|1905 First appearance of Neil Munro’s ‘Para Handy’, the skipper of ‘The Vital Spark’, in the Glasgow Evening News Ref: 2.0116.02(LS)

17|1|1833 James Ballantyne (1772-1833), Kelso-is born publisher of Scott’s works, dies. Ref: 2.0117.01(LS)
17|1|1883 (Sir) Edward Montague Compton MacKenzie (1883-1974), novelist, is born in the county of Durham of Scots ancestry. He will write many witty novels about Scottish life. Ref: 2.0117.02(LS)

18|1|1815 Walter Scott’s epic poem Lord of the Isles published by Constable Ref: 2.0118.01(LS)
18|1|1936 Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936), poet and one-time Rector of St Andrews University, whose mother was a MacDonald, dies. Ref: 2.0118.02(LS)

19|1|1619 Ben Jonson (1572-1637), English dramatist, departs for London after visiting William Drummond of Hawthornden (1585-1649), the most famous Scottish poet of his day Ref: 2.0119.01(LS)
19|1|1809 Edgar Allan Poe, the American novelist, who went to school in Irvine, Ayrshire, is born Ref: 2.0119.02(LS)
|19|1| 2011 The award-winning poet and playwright Liz Lochhead is announced as the new Scotland’s Makar. Ref: 2.0119.03

20|1|1806 Nathaniel Parker Willis, poet and a notable American literary visitor to Victorian Scotland, (who, unusually, dies on the same date in 1867), is born Ref: 2.0120.01(LS)
20|1|1849 Robert Cadell (1788-1849), publisher of Scott’s last novels, dies, Ratho Ref: 2.0120.02(LS)
20|1|1900 John Ruskin, critic, closely connected in various ways with Perthshire, dies. Ref: 2.0120.03(LS)

21|1|1802 John Moore (1729-1802), friend and biographer of Tobias Smollett, dies Ref: 2.0121.01(LS)

22|1|1788 George Gordon, Lord Byron, poet, is born, London. Ref: 2.0122.01(LS)

23|1|1933 Stewart Alan Robertson (1866-1933), poet, dies. Ref: 2.0123.01(LS)
23|1|1996 Norman MacCaig (1910-96), poet, dies. Ref: 2.0123.02(LS)

24|1|1874 Adam Black (1784-1874), the success of whose Edinburgh publishing house was built on the purchase of the Encyclopaedia Britannica in 1827, dies. Ref: 2.0124.01(LS)

25|1|1759 Robert Burns (1759-1896), poet, is born, Alloway. Ref: 2.0125.01(LS)
25|1|1772 James Hogg, poet and novelist, wrongly supposed that, like Burns, he was is born on this day Ref: 2.0125.02(LS)
25|1|1796 William MacGillivray (1796-1852), author and naturalist, is born in Aberdeen Ref: 2.0125.03(LS)
25|1|1928 Francis George Scott (1880-1958), the musician who became a mentor and a friend to Hugh MacDiarmid, is born, Hawick, Roxburghshire. Ref: 2.0125.04
25|1|1915 Ewan MacColl, the folklorist often considered Scottish as his mother came from Auchterarder in Perthshire, is born, Salford, Lancashire. Ref: 2.0125.05

26|1|1722 (Rev) Alexander Carlyle, diarist, is born Cummertrees, Dumfries-shire. He will become minister of Inveresk, Musselburgh. Because of his stature and his commanding presence he will be known as ‘Jupiter’ Carlyle. Ref: 2.0126.01(LS)
26|1|1736 John Ramsay of Ochtertyre , antiquary and chronicler of the Scottish Enlightenment, is born Ref: 2.0126.02(LS)
26|1|1869 George Douglas Brown (1869-1902), author of the groundbreaking Scottish novel, The House With The Green Shutters (1901), is born Ochiltree, Ayrshire Ref: 2.0126.03(LS)

27|1|1844 Charles Nodier (1780-1844), the French author who has set two of his novels in Scotland, Trilby and La Fée Aux Miettes, dies Ref: 2.0127.01(LS)

28|1|1901 Robert McLellan, dramatist and miscellaneous writer, is born, Linmill, Lanark (dies 30 January, 1985 at High Corrie, Arran) Ref: 2.0128.01(LS)

29|1|1951  James Bridie (O.H.Mavor), dramatist, dies. Ref: 2.0129.01(LS)
29|1|1838 David Gray, poet, is born at Merkland, Kirkintilloch. His most important poem, in the style of Thomson’s Seasons will celebrate The Luggie, a burn at his birthplace. Ref: 2.0129.02(LS)

30|1|1813 (Rev) George Gilfillan, litterateur, is born, Comrie, Perthshire. Ref: 2.0130.01(LS)
30|1|1944 Frederick Niven, Glasgow novelist, dies in Canada. Ref: 2.0130.02(LS)
30|1|2001 John Prebble, popular historian, author of Culloden (1961), Glencoe (1966) and The High Girders, dies in London.

31|1|1522 Bishop Gavin Douglas’s last extant letter written on his way into exile from Carlisle. Ref: 2.0131.01(LS)
31|1|1793 Dean Edward Bannerman Ramsey, witty social historian of his own times, is born. Ref: 2.0131.02(LS)

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Gin Candlemas-day be dry and fair
The half o’ winter’s to come and mair;
Gin Candlemas-day be wet and foul,
Half the winter’s gane at Youl.


St Bride’s Day, the Celtic Festival of Spring

1|2|1596 George Buchanan, (1506–1582), poet, historian, and administrator, is born at The Moss in Killearn parish, Stirlingshire.
1|2|1814 Lord Byron’s The Corsair, a poem in heroic couplets, sells 10,000 copies on the day of publication. Ref: 0201.01(LS)
1|2|1918 Birth of Muriel Spark (1918-2006) author of The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie (1961) and many other successful novels, Edinburgh. Ref: 0201.02(LS)

Candlemas Day

2|2|1645 Battle of Inverlochy, witnessed by Iain Lom (John Macdonald), Gaelic bard, who describes Montrose’s victory in a famous epic poem. Ref: 0202.01(LS)
2|2|1958 James Bell Salmond, much-admired editor of The Scots Magazine, dies at St. Andrews. His most successful book was Wade in Scotland (1934). Ref: 0202.02(LS)
2|2|1987 Alistair Maclean, prolific popular novelist (Guns of Navarone, HMS Ullyses), dies. Ref: 0202.03(LS)

3|2|1941 The S.S. Politician goes aground on Eriskay, inspiring Compton MacKenzie’s Whisky Galore Ref: 0203.01(LS)
3|2|1953 Joy Hendry, miscellaneous writer and editor of the literary magazine Chapman, is born, Perth. Ref: 0203.02(LS)

4|2|1746 Rev. Robert Blair, author of the sombre epic poem The Grave, dies Athestaneford, East Lothian. Ref: 0204.01(LS)
4|2|1962 William Young Darling (1885-1962), Provost of Edinburgh, and author of a Book Of Days, dies Ref: 0204.02(LS)
4|2|2005 Robin Jenkins, author of some thirty novels, the most well known being The Cone Gatherers, dies.

5|2|1867 Henry Crabb Robinson, literary historian, who followed in the footsteps of the Wordsworths in Scotland, dies Ref: 0205.01(LS)
5|2|1881 Historian and essayist Thomas Carlyle dies in London at 85. “A well-written-life,” he once said, “is almost as rare as a well-spent one.” Ref: 0205.02(LS)

6|2|1773 Sir John Stoddart (1773-1856), author of the influential Remarks on the Local Scenery and Manners of Scotland (1801), is born. Ref: 0206.01(LS)
6|2|1787 Robert Burns proposes that a monument to his predecessor poet Robert Fergusson should be erected in Edinburgh. Ref: 0206.02(LS)

7|2|1812 The young Lord Byron, making his maiden speech before the House of Lords, denounces a measure that would provide the death penalty for rebellious labourers. Ref: 0207.01(LS)
7|2|1837 Philologist and lexicographer Sir James Murray is born Denholm, Roxburghshire, Scotland. Ref: 0207.02(LS)
7|2|1950 D.K. Broster, novelist, author of the successful series of novels The Jacobite Trilogy, dies. Ref: 0207.03(LS)
7|2|1954 Dilys Rose, poet, is born, Glasgow Ref: 0207.04(LS)
7|2|1913 William Russell Aitken (1913-1998), distinguished librarian and teacher who befriended Hugh MacDiarmid and edited his poetry, born Calderbank, Lanarkshire
8|2|1819 John Ruskin, art critic, is born in London. In 1848, at the age of 29, he will marry Euphemia Gray in Perth, but the marriage, never consummated, will be annulled in1854. Ref: 0208.01(LS)
8|2|1894 R.M.Ballantyne, author of children’s adventure stories, including Coral Island (1858), dies, Rome. Ref: 0208.01(LS)

9|2|1868 Norman Douglas, novelist, travel writer, and famous collector of limericks, is born at Tilquhillie, Deeside. In 1915 he will publish Old Calabria. Ref: 0209.01(LS)

10|2|1868 Sir David Brewster, scientist and editor of the Edinburgh Encyclopedia, dies at Allerby, Melrose. Ref: 0210.01(LS)
10|2|1894 Harold Macmillan, Prime Minister and scion of the famous Scottish publishing house, is born. Ref: 0210.01(LS)

11|2|1940 Death of John Buchan, Lord Tweedsmuir, novelist and statesman, in Canada. In 1941 his novel Sick Heart River will be published. Ref: 0211.01(LS)

12|2|1640 William Alexander, Earl of Stirling, statesman and poet in the Court of James VI and I, dies in poverty in London. Ref: 0212.01(LS)

13|2|1896 Birth of Elizabeth Mackintosh (Josephine Tey/Gordon Daviot), detective story writer and dramatist, London. Ref: 0213.01(LS)
13|2|1901 Lewis Grassic Gibbon (James Leslie Mitchell), the leading twentieth century Scottish novelist, is born at Hillhead of Seggat, Aberdeenshire. In 1932 the first part of his trilogy A Scots Quair will be published. Ref: 0213.02(LS)

14|2|1810 Thomas Tod Stoddart, the angler-poet who lived in Kelso, Roxburghshire, Scotland is born. Ref: 0214.01(LS)

15|2|1819 Scott attended first performance of the revised adaptation of Rob Roy at Edinburgh Theatre Royal Ref: 0215.01(LS)
15|2|1841 Harriet Campbell, the Stirling-born novelist, dies. Ref: 0215.02(LS)

16|2|1793 Publication of the Edinburgh Edition of Burns’ poems. Ref: 0216.01(LS)
16|2|1817 William Thomson (1746-1817), Perthshire-born miscellaneous writer, dies. Ref: 0216.02(LS)
16|2|1934 Tom Gallacher, playwright and novelist, is born Alexandria, Dunbartonshire, Scotland. Ref: 0216.03(LS)
16|2|1954 Iain Banks (1954-2013), novelist, is born, Fife. Ref: 0216.04(LS)
17|2|1796 James MacPherson, dies Balavil, Invernessshire. His Fragments of Ancient Poetry have created the ‘Ossian controversy’. In his will he leaves a sum of money to enable him to be buried in Westminster Abbey. Ref: 0217.01(LS)
17|2|1865 W.J.Watson, the erudite author of Celtic Place-names of Scotland, is born Inverness. Ref: 0217.02(LS)
17|2|1913 Alastair Charles Borthwick (1913–2003), journalist and mountaineer, is born at Rutherglen, Lanarkshire. His classic book Always A Little Further describes hill walking and rock climbing from 1930s Glasgow..
17|2|1968 Sir Alexander Gray, poet, dies Ref: 0217.03(LS)

18|2|1851 George Thomson, song-collector who encouraged Robert Burns to write many of his lyrics, dies Ref: 0218.01(LS)
18|2|1914 Fanny Osbourne (1840-1914), R.L.Stevenson’s American wife, and guardian of his literary reputation, dies Ref: 0218.02(LS)

19|2|1780 Mrs Elizabeth Scott, ‘the Guidwife of Wauchope House’, poetess, to whom Burns dedicated an ‘epistle’, dies. Ref: 0219.01(LS)
19|2|1972 John Grierson (1898-1972), the Stirling-born filmmaker, dies. One of hi documentary films is Night Mail, the memorable commentary for which was provided by his friend W.H.Auden, dies Ref: 0219.02(LS)

20|2|1784 Adam Black, Edinburgh publisher, is born. Ref: 0220.01(LS)

21|2|1755 Ann(e) Grant [MacVicar] of Laggan is born, Glasgow. Her Letters From The Mountains (1803), describing Highland life, will enjoy enormous success. Ref: 0221.01(LS)
21|2|1942 Magnus Linklater, writer and editor, is born Ref: 0221.01(LS)

22|2|1845 (Rev) Sydney Smith (1771-1845), wit, who with Jeffrey, Horner and Brougham had founded the Edinburgh Review, dies London. Ref: 0222.01(LS)
22|2|1922 William Neill, vernacular poet, is born Prestwick Ref: 0222.01(LS)
22|2|1973 Marian McNeill, Orkney-born writer on Scottish folklore, dies Ref: 0222.01(LS)

23|2|1827 Sir Walter Scott reveals his identity as the ‘Great Unknown’ Ref: 0223.01(LS)
23|2|1851 Death of Joanna Baillie, dramatist and poet, at Hampstead, London Ref: 0223.02(LS)
23|2|1874 Shirley Brooks, editor of Punch, dies. His novel, Sooner or Later, published in three volumes with illustrations by G. Du Maurier, was set at Dhivach, Inverness-shire. Ref: 0223.03(LS)
23|2|1959 Robert Crawford, poet and critic, born Bellshill, Lanarkshire. Ref: 0223.04(LS)
23|2|1996 Irvine Welsh (born 1958) best known for his novel Trainspotting which is released on 23 February 1996 Ref: 0223.00

24|2|1774 Archibald Constable, publisher, is born Ref: 0224.01(LS)
24|2|1931 Ada Goodrich-Freer, medium, plagiarist, and investigator of “second sight” in the Highlands, dies Ref: 0224.02(LS)

25|2|1908 Robert Kemp, dramatist, is born, Hoy, Orkney. In 1948 he will adapt Sir David Lyndsay’s play Ane Pleasant Satire of the Three Estaits for a stunning production by Tyrone Guthrie staged at the Edinburgh Festival. Ref: 0225.01(LS)

26|2|1811 James Johnson, engraver and music seller of Edinburgh, dies. He has done much to popularise Burns’ songs Ref: 0226.01(LS)
26|2|1939 John Hume, lecturer and author of the Industrial Archeology of Scotland, is born, Glasgow | Ref: 0226.01(LS)
26|2|1955 Agnes Mure MacKenzie (1891-1955), novelist and author of A Scottish Pageant dies Ref: 0226.01(LS)

27|2|1735 Kincardineshire-born John Arbuthnot, wit, friend of Swift and Pope, and author of John Bull dies. Ref: 0227.01(LS)
27|2|1821 John Scott (1783-1821), the Aberdeen-born editor of the London Magazine dies from gunshot wounds received in a duel (with Jonathan Henry Christie) over a literary dispute with John Gibson Lockhart Ref: 0227.02(LS)
27|2|1903 George Birkbeck Hill, one of the first writers to follow in the footsteps in Scotland of Johnson and Boswell, dies Ref: 0227.03(LS)
27|2|1970 Sir Robert Bruce Lockhart, Scottish journalist, dies. His Scotch (1951) is one of the most successful books ever written about whisky. Ref: 0227.04(LS)

28|2|1825 Grace Kennedy (1782-1825), Ayrshire-born novelist, dies. Ref: 0228.01(LS)
28|2|1830 Robert Anderson (1750-1830), editor of the works of Smollett and others, dies. Ref: 0228.01(LS)

29|2|1792 Gioacchino Rossini, one of whose operas will be La Donna del Lago (1819), adapted from Scott’s Lady of the Lake, is born Ref: 0229.01(LS)
29|2|1848 William Thom, poet, dies in poverty in Dundee. Ref: 0229.02(LS)

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Fra whaur in fragrant wuds ye bide
Secure fra winter care,
Come, gentle Spring, to Ochilside
And Ochil valleys fair.

      James Logie Robertson

1|3|1848 Augustus St Gaudens (1848-1907), the American sculptor whose medallion in St Giles Cathedral portraying R.L. Stevenson forms a key memorial to that writer in his native city of Edinburgh, is born. Ref : 0301.01(LS)
1|3|1910 David Niven, whose witty autobiographies were The Moon’s A Balloon (1971) and Bring On The Empty Horses (1975), is born, allegedly in Kirriemuir, in fact, in London. Ref: 0301.02(LS)
1|3|1970 Edwin Way Teale (1899-1980), American naturalist and writer, finishes his classic travel book Springtime in Britain. In it he will describe an extended visit to Scotland from a naturalist’s point of view. Ref: 0306.00

2|3|1895 John Stuart Blackie, academic and poet, dies, Edinburgh. Ref : 0302.01(LS)
2|3|1931 Anthony Kammp, author and editor, is born, London. He will marry Eileen Dunlop, author of adventure stories for children, and collaborate with her in writing books for children on Scottish themes. Ref : 0302.02(LS)
2|3|1975 Helen Burness Cruikshank, poet and pivot of the ‘Modern Scottish Renaissance’ dies, Edinburgh. Ref : 0302.03(LS)

3|3|1878 David Lindsay, author of Voyage of Arcturus (1920), is born. Ref : 0303.01(LS)
3|3|1955 Lewis Spence (1874-1955), Angus-born folklorist, dies in Edinburgh. Ref: 0303.02(LS)

4|3|1757 George Thomson, song-collector is born, Limekilns, Fife. Ref: 0304.01(LS)
4|3|1906 Thomas Douglas MacDonald, ‘Fionn MacColla’, is born, Montrose. His powerful novels will examine such themes as Calvinism and the Highland Clearances. Ref : 0304.02(LS)

5|3|1778 Death of Dr Thomas Arne, composer of Rule Britannia (1740), the words for which were written by one or other of two Scots, either David Malloch or, more probably, James Thomson (1700-48). Ref: 0305.01

6|3|1805 John Colquhoun, author of The Moor and the Loch (1840) is born, Edinburgh. Ref: 0306.01(LS)
6|3|1843 M.J.B. Baddeley (1843-1906), the gifted travel writer who tried to save the Falls of Foyers, is born.Ref: 0306.02(LS)

7|3|1952 William Boyd, novelist with family connections with Cupar in Fife, is born, Ghana. Ref: 0307.01(LS)

8|3|1708 John Campbell (of Glenlyon), miscellaneous writer admired by Johnson, is born, Edinburgh. Ref: 0308.01(LS)
8|3|1859 Kenneth Grahame, author of The Wind in the Willows (1908), is born, Edinburgh Ref: 0308.02(LS)
8|3|1899 Eric Linklater, novelist, author of Poet’s Pub (1929), and Juan in America (1931), is born, at Penarth, in Wales, a fact which he disguised for much of his life because he rightly regarded himself as an Orcadian Ref: 0308.03(LS)
8|3|1930 Douglas Hurd, politician and co-author of the political thriller Scotch on the Rocks (1971), is born. Ref: 0308.04(LS)

9|3|1948 W.J.Watson, author of Celtic Place-names of Scotland, dies. Ref: 0309.01(LS)

10|3|1823 Colonel Thomas Thornton, author and sportsman dies, Paris. In 1804 he had published A Sporting Tour through the Northern Parts of England and Great Part of the Highlands of Scotland. Ref: 0310.01(LS)
10|3|1871 Robert Chambers, author and publisher, dies. Ref: 03 10.02(LS)
10|3|1909 George Bruce, poet, is born Fraserburgh. His poetry will evoke the landscapes and seascapes of Buchan. Ref: 0310.03(LS)

11|3|1901 (Sir) Fitzroy Maclean, soldier, politician and miscellaneous writer, is born. Ref: 0311.01(LS)

12|3|1818 First performance of Rob Roy, a play adapted from Scott’s novel, at Covent Garden Theatre, London. Ref: 0312.01(LS)
12|3|1900 Alicia Anne Spottiswood (Lady Scott), author of the beautiful song Annie Laurie dies. Ref: 0312.02(LS)
12|3|1927 A plaque commemorating the meeting between Robert Burns and the young Walter Scott in 1786, is erected at Sciennes Hill House, Edinburgh, an event also celebrated in the oil painting by Charles Martin Hardie Ref: 0312.03(LS)

13|3|1395 John Barbour, poet, dies, Aberdeen. His epic poem The Bruce (circa 1377) will be a principal source of information about the life of the Scottish hero. Ref: 0313.01(LS)
13|3|1890 Willa Muir (Wilhelmina Anderson), writer, is born, Montrose. In 1919 she will marry Edwin Muir and collaborate with him in translating much great European literature. Ref: 0313.02(LS)
13|3|1898 Sir William Fraser (1816-98), Kincardine-shire born author of Scottish family histories, dies Ref: 0313.03(LS)

14|3|1788 Robert Burns wrote to Miss Chalmers announcing that he was taking Ellisland, the farm where many of his most famous poems were composed. Ref: 0314.01(LS)
14|3|1826 Sir Walter Scott compares his novels with Jane Austen’s “the exquisite touch, which renders ordinary commonplace things and characters interesting…is denied me” [TH] Ref: 0314.02(TH)
14|3|1879 Harold Edward Monro (1879-1932), poet of Scottish extraction, and founder of the highly influential Poetry Bookshop in Holborn, London is born at St. Gilles, near Brussels. Ref: 0314.03(LS)

15|3|1818 Hector McNeill, poet, dies, Edinburgh. Ref: 0315.01
15|3|1820 In his Journal Lord Byron describes John Keats as “a tadpole of the Lakes”. Ref: 0315.02(TH)
15|3|1912  Sydney Tremayne, journalist and nature poet, born, Ayr. Ref : 0315.03(LS)
15|3|1983  Rebecca West, novelist, dies in London, aged 91. In the 1950s Stevie Smith (1902-71) said of her, “I would not call Miss West a feminist because this suggests – and is meant to – an aggrieved and strident person. I would say she is on the side of women.”Ref: 0315.04 (LS)

16|3|1860 Hugh MacDonald (1817-1860), poet and author of Rambles Round Glasgow, dies. Ref : 0316.01(LS)
16|3|1899 Alexander B. Grosart, Stirling-born editor of Scottish poetry, dies, Dublin. Ref : 0316.02(LS)
16|3|1926 Alasdair Maclean, poet and biographer who wrote Night Falls in Ardnamurchan, is born, Glasgow. Ref : 0316.03(LS)
16|3|2009 Publication in the United States of Jason Donald’s novel Choke Chain. Donald was born in Dundee. Ref: 1603.00

17|3|1715 Gilbert Burnet , historian, dies, Clerkenwell. In 1723 his influential History of my Own Times will be published. Ref: 0317.01(LS)
17|3|1780 Thomas Chalmers, divine, is born, Anstruther, Fife. Ref: 0317.02(LS)

18|3|1913 W.H.Murray (who dies 19 March, 1996), author and mountaineer, is born. Ref: 0318.01(LS)

19|3|1721 Tobias Smollett, the novelist who will write The Expedition of Humphry Clinker, is baptised in the parish kirk of Cardross, Dumbartonshire. Ref: 0319.01(LS)
19|3|1946 Catherine Carswell (1879-1946), novelist and author of the best biography of Robert Burns, dies. Ref: 0319.02(LS)
19|3|1996 W. H. (Bill) Murray, writer . . . (see above)
19|3|1955 John Burnside, novelist and poet, is born in Dunfermline.

20|3|1724 Duncan Ban Macintyre (Donnchadh Ban Mac an t-Saoir), eminent Gaelic poet, is born, Glen Orchy. His best-known poem In Praise of Ben Doran will be translated by both Hugh MacDiarmid and Iain Crichton-Smith. Ref : 0320.01(LS)
20|3|1885 Marian McNeill, folklorist, born in Orkney. Ref : 0320.02(LS)
20|3|1919 William MacLellan, publisher of the Scottish poets, novelists and dramatists of the post-war years, is born, Glasgow. Ref : 0320.03(LS)
20|3|1936 R. B. Cunninghame Graham, radical politician and miscellaneous writer, dies Buenos Aires. Many of his short stories were set in Menteith in Perthshire where he will be buried. Ref: 0320.04(LS)

21|3|1843 Robert Southey, the poet laureate who made a memorable Highland Tour in 1819 with Thomas Telford, dies at Greta Hall, Keswick. Ref : 0321.01(LS)

22|3|1808 Caroline Norton, Scottish novelist and poet, and advocate of women’s rights, is born London Ref: 0322.01(LS)
22|3|1960 John George Bartholemew, map-maker, is born. Ref : 0322.01(LS)

23|3|1909   John Davidson, poet, commits suicide in Penzance. Ref : 0323.01(LS)
23|3|1914    Campbell of Kilmohr by John A. Ferguson first produced at the Royalty Theatre, Glasgow. Ref: 0323.02(LS)
24|3|1901    Moray Maclaren, miscellaneous writer, born, Walker Street, Edinburgh Ref: 0324.01(LS)
24| 3|1877    Anna Masterton Buchan, [pseud. O. Douglas] (1877–1948), author, is born in Fife, at Inglewood, Smeaton Road, Pathhead, Kirkcaldy.

25|3|1827 Edward Bradley, author of Travels in Tartan Land, born. Ref : 0325.01(LS)
25|3|1880 George Brown, the distinguished Edinburgh-born journalist and Canadian politician, is shot in the offices of his newspaper, the Toronto Globe, by a disgruntled employee; he will die on 9th May. Ref : 0325.02(LS)

26|3|1834 Death of Jean Armour, widow of Robert Burns. Ref : 0326.01(LS)
26|3|1865 Mary Findlater, novelist, is born Lochearnhead, Perthshire. Ref : 0326.02(LS)

27|3|1746 Michael Bruce, the early ‘nature’ poet who may well have inspired William Wordsworth, is born, Kinnesswood, Kinross-shire. Ref : 0327.01(LS)
27|3|1814 Charles Mackay, journalist and popular song-writer, is born Perth. Ref : 0327.01(LS)

28|3|1803 Eglantine Wallace,Wigtownshire dramatist, dies in Munich. Ref : 0328.01(LS)
28|3|1847 R.A.M. Stevenson, art critic and RLS’s cousin who wrote a memorable book about Velasquez, is born Ref: 0328.01(LS)

29|3|1822 Ewan MacLachlan, Gaelic poet, translator of Homer, and librarian of King’s College, Aberdeen, dies. He will be commemorated by an obelisk at Fort William, Inverness-shire. Ref : 0329.01(LS)
29|3|1957 Joyce Cary, novelist, educated at Edinburgh School of Art, dies. Ref: 0329.02(LS)

30|3|1546 (Rev) Alexander Barclay ([?]1475-1552), the exiled Scottish poet who wrote The Ship of Fools, was presented with the vicarage of Wookey, in Somerset. Ref : 0330.01(LS)

30|3|1763 After dining with his fellow Scot the Earl of Eglinton, James Boswell observes in his London Journal: “We drank tea. We talked on human happiness. I said I wondered if any man ever passed a whole day pleasantly.” Ref: 0330.02(TH)
30|3|1820 Walter Scott goes to London, and kisses the new king’s hands who thereby confers a baronetcy on him. At the same time George IV directs Lawrence to paint a portrait of the author.| Ref: 0330.03(LS)
30|3|1874 Robert Louis Stevenson, on his last night in Menton, writes to Fanny Sitwell, describing on of his first published essays, Ordered South. Ref : 0330.04(LS)

31|3|1844 Andrew Lang, historian, critic, poet, psychical researcher and compiler of Fairy Books, is born, at Selkirk. By the turn of the century he will occupy a highly influential position in English literature. Ref : 0331.01(LS)
31|3|1861 Death of Lady Charlotte Bury, novelist daughter of the Duke of Argyll, in London. Ref : 0331.02(LS)
31|3|1878 Frederick Niven, Glasgow novelist, is born. He will emigrate to Canada which will provide the setting for many of his books. Ref : 0331.03(LS)

Literary Calendar Database: 72 entries        Updated: 190514


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